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Dundee Virtual Laser ENT Safety & Application course 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Next course is 2nd Dec 2024

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Virtual course

Blue Laser

Our Feedback

Excellent feedback, 98% positive feedback with objective and organisation, 90% positive faculty lectures feedback

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Course fee 150£


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09.00- 09-10  Course Overview- Jai Manickavasagam 

09.10-10.05 Laser applications in Head and neck larynx and airway

Jai Manickavasagam, UK

10.05-11.00 Laser physics and safety Mr Majumdar, UK

11:00-11:20 Coffee break

11:20-11:50 Reps’ breakout room ARC, Blue/Green Laser- Group session:  Marcel Ernstberger

11:50-12:20 Laser applications in Rhinology, Mr R Green, UK


12:20-13:00 Lunch


13:00-13.40 Laser Anaesthesia, Dr Barry McGuire, UK

13:40 -14:40

Keynote Lecture

Application of Blue Lasers in ENT- Prof Markus Hess, Germany

14.40-15.25 Invited Lecture:

Laser applications in Facial plastic, Alwyn D’Souza, UK


Coffee break

15.40-16.20 Laser applications in Otology, Mr Arunachalam Iyer, UK

16:20-17:10 Reps’ breakout room CO2, KTP Group session: Steve Lynn

17.00-17.10 Closing Session

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Excellent opportunity to share learning and learn from each other

Excellent invited speaker from Germany. Thank you for running this course - as a trainee it is very difficult to find and attend a good laser course.

A very informative, well balanced course! By holding polls and keeping it interactive, you managed to keep the interest of the delegates in the topics.Since It was even better that this was held virtually.It definitely saved lot of travel time and inturn has minimised the carbon footprint!

Very good course. We know laser has gone far in laryngology/ airway surgery and I understand that it’s not on the same level in otology/rhinology but I still learned a lot

Well organised course. Having an anaethetist’s point of view and understanding their options was particularly useful. Facial plastics talk was not something all laser courses offer and interesting to see.

Very thorough and comprehensive course regarding laser application and safety

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