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Advanced cadaveric larynx pharyngeal & LASER course

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A little history lesson


This is a 2 day advanced course designed for senior trainees & practising surgeons wanting to develop their skills in laryngeal & phonosurgical skills. Advanced Surgical simulation lab with specially preserved cadavers (Thiel embalming method) will offer excellent life like learning environment (2:1 trainee: trainer ratio) to practice, closely supervised, endoscopic microsurgery with rigid & flexible endoscopy with the application of cold steel instruments & KTP and CO2 Laser. Demonstration & hands on practice of TransNasalEsophagoscopy (TNE).

Course Includes:

Surgical Anatomy

Diagnostic Microlaryngoscopy biopsy

Vocal Cord Augmentation: Transcervical Transoral Injection Laryngoplasty


CO2 Laser cordotomy, tongue base resection, tonsillectomy, supraglottic resection on human cadaver

Practice of TNE (trans nasal endoscopy)

Balloon dilation of cricopharyngeal and esophageal strictures

Dilatation of Subglottic stenosis

Pharyngeal Pouch surgery on the animal model

KTP laser on the animal model(such as HHT Laser treatment)

Diode Laser on the animal model

TNE injection, biopsy, dilatation

Laser setup,

Anaesthetic input

Eight top tip talks(airway, Thyroplasty, voice disorder, laser resection, Oesophaeal pathologies, Nerve reconstruction...... )

Panel discussion on laryngeal laser surgery

Laser Course attendance Certificate( Suitable for CCT)

Laser safety lectures and laser basic science.

14 Laser Experts as a faculty(UK, Australia New Zealand) for 14 places only

Structured rotating station based flow model.

Awarded 12 CPD points by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Suitable for ST6,7,8, Fellows and Junior consultants.

Excellent feedback, trained 72 delegates from 18 countries around the world.


If you require online Laser Core of Knowledge course that is accredited by the British Medical Laser Association, It will cost additional £135 . It involves reading online materials and answering multiple choice tests at the end of each section with an 80% passmark which can be retaken up to 5 times. There is a  2-month time limit to take the course. Award certificates are sent out within 7-10 days of successful completion. Please contact

Dr Godfrey Town, Ph.D.

Course Director, Online Laser Training Ltd

+44 (0)1444 484911,,

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Level 5 - Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, DD1 9SY.

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