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A little history lesson

This is a 2 day advanced course designed for senior trainees & practising surgeons wanting to develop their skills in laryngeal & phonosurgical skills. Advanced Surgical simulation lab with specially preserved cadavers (Thiel embalming method) will offer excellent life like learning environment (2:1 trainee: trainer ratio) to practice, closely supervised, endoscopic microsurgery with rigid & flexible endoscopy with the application of cold steel instruments & KTP and CO2 Laser. Demonstration & hands on practice of TransNasalEsophagoscopy (TNE).

Course Includes:

  • Surgical Anatomy

  • Diagnostic Microlaryngoscopy & biopsy

  • Vocal Cord Augmentation: Trancervical & Transoral Injection  x Laryngoplasty

  • Lateral Cordotomy

  • Practice of TNE

  • Balloon dilation of cricopharyngeus and oesophageal strictures

  • Cricopharyngeal Myotomy

  • Dilatation of Subglottic stenosis

  • Pharyngeal Pouch surgery on animal model

  • Selective Myotomy & Denervation Procedure

  • Cordotomy/Cordectomy

  • Live Endolaryngeal Laser Surgery

  • TNE injection, biopsy, dilatation

  • Laser Course attendance Certificate,

  • Laser safety lectures and laser basic science

If you require online Laser Core of Knowledge course that is accredited by the British Medical Laser Association, It will cost additional £135 . It involves reading online materials and answering multiple choice tests at the end of each section with an 80% passmark which can be retaken up to 5 times. There is a  2-month time limit to take the course. Award certificates are sent out within 7-10 days of successful completion. Please contact

Dr Godfrey Town, Ph.D.

Course Director, Online Laser Training Ltd

+44 (0)1444 484911, godfreytown@mac.com, www.onlinelasertraining.co.uk

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